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Personal Training

People of all levels of fitness recognise the benefits of Personal Training, from those who have never exercised before through to professional sports people. Even those who consider themselves very fit find the services of a Personal Trainer or coach invaluable.

Whatever the level of ability, whatever the individual’s personal goal, the trainer will significantly contribute to his or her progression.

At Studio 121 we work with our clients to help them clarify what they hope to achieve. Then we draw up achievable time scales to the goal or goals. Once we know where you want to go, we can plan the most efficient and effective route to success. 

The client’s program provides the guidelines that structure each tailored training session.  The Trainer makes sure every training session at Studio 121 leads the client more effectively towards their goal than they could have achieved alone.  This is achieved by applying advanced theory to sound fundamentals such as exercise selection and correct technique. But the Trainer’s most important role is to make every session interesting and fun.  This is why our clients are happy to recommend Studio 121.

Costs & Payment Terms

Holiday Special Offer

If you are determined to get yourself into great shape for your holiday then choose the 8 week crash course to gain maximum results at a fantastic discounted rate.  The deal guarantees you 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks* for only £540 which works out at only £22.50 per session.

* Please note that all appointments must be taken in the 8 weeks following the 1st session. 

12 Week Fitness Plan

If you are determined to make a huge change in your life but need someone else to take on the responsibility of getting you there then Studio 121 offer an intensive 12 week training plan. During this period we will guarantee you at least 3 personal training sessions per week, and we will also provide guidance in the other key areas: work, leisure and diet. The basic charge for this service is £720 (averaging at only £20.00 per session) but the plan can be tailored to your requirements at an agreed cost. Please call 07968 424249 to discuss your requirements.

Payment: Payment is required in advance or at the time of each session. We accept cash, cheque or standing order.


Cancellations made within 24hrs of a booking will be charged at full price unless an alternative date is booked at the time of cancellation.

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